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Let us help you build a safer home

Do you want a stronger/safer home for your family?

Are you interested in building A Fortified home but don’t know where to start?

Your first step is to find a licensed Fortified evaluator. That is where Knockout comes in. For years, Knockout has guided homeowners through the Fortified process to make their homes stronger. Specializing in working with custom home builders and roofers, Knockout brings the knowledge and expertise you need to ensure all Fortified standards are being met for your home.

As the homeowner, it is your choice how involved with the Fortified process you would like to be. If you prefer a hands-off approach, Knockout can give you the peace of mind that everything is being done correctly. For homeowners that wish to be more involved, Knockout can show you each step we take to achieve the Fortified standard. Whatever your preference, your Knockout evaluator will be available to you anytime a question or concern arises.

Call Knockout for all your Fortified needs!

Nathan Lippincott Headshot

Nathan Lippincott, CMI, FORTIFIED Evaluator

Who we are

Knockout Inspections was founded by nathan lippincott

Nathan has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry. Born into a family of builders, he grew up on job sites and learned the ins and outs of the trade at a very early age. He spent the majority of his adult years as a supervisor framing houses for Southern Home Framing. He has also built many new homes from the ground up and knows the process well.

Since 2013, Nathan has been a licensed home inspector with certifications from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the Master Inspector Certification Board, and the American Home Inspectors Training Institute.

An early advocate of the FORTIFIED program, Nathan routinely appears in industry training programs and has been featured in the PBS/LinkTV Documentary “Built to Last? Saving Our Homes In The Age Of Disasters”.

Nathan is considered to be one of the premiere FORTIFIED evaluators in the United States.  

Frances Moon- Gold Specialist
Frances Moon, Fortified Evaluator

Frances Moon - FORTIFIED Evaluator

Frances is our FORTIFIED Gold Project Manager for Baldwin County. Frances has been with Knockout Inspections for 5 years and is our go-to person for all things FORTIFIED. She is in-field and on-site with all the construction crews and works with both the builder and engineer throughout the entire build of the home. Frances is an incredible asset to the Knockout team, and we appreciate her hard work and dedication to each of her projects (over 200 projects in the Baldwin County area!)

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Sonny Adkison
Sonny Adkison, Fortified Evaluator

Sonny Adkison - FORTIFIED Evaluator

Sonny wears multiple hats at Knockout Inspections. He is our FORTIFIED Gold Project Manager for Mobile County, Alabama, our FORTIFIED Relationship Manager, and our Louisiana FORTIFIED Evaluator. Sonny not only helps in the field with Gold projects, but he also works with new and existing roofers and builders to maintain a strong relationship as their trusted evaluator. We appreciate his continuous efforts to to help us as we grow and expand the FORTIFIED program!

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Billy Daniel- South Baldwin County Evaluator
Billy Daniel, Fortified Evaluator

Billy Daniel - FORTIFIED Evaluator

Billy Daniel is a Home Inspector and FORTIFIED Evaluator for Knockout. He is our in-field FORTIFIED Roof Specialist. Billy does an outstanding job as our on-site evaluator. He  conducts a thorough evaluation but is also there to educate and ensure the roof is installed from start to finish to the FORTIFIED Standard. At Knockout, we commend Billy for his dedication to Knockout and the FORTIFIED program!

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Hunter LaCoste
Hunter LaCoste, Fortified Evaluator

Hunter LaCoste - FORTIFIED Evaluator

Hunter joined the Knockout team in 2021, and jumped right in as a FORTIFIED Roof Specialist and our Mobile County FORTIFIED Gold Project Manager! Hunter is in-field helping conduct FORTIFIED Roof evaluations, as well as in-house helping submit FORTIFIED applications to IBHS. Hunter is an awesome addition to Knockout and we are excited to have him as a part of the team.

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Erica McArthur, Fortified Evaluator

Erica McArthur - FORTIFIED Evaluator

Erica is our FORTIFIED Roof Specialist and behind-the-scenes Operations Manager for all things FORTIFIED. She is the main point of contact at the office for all FORTIFIED needs and is the primary evaluator submitting applications to IBHS. She also helps dispatch evaluators and correspond with roofers and homeowners throughout the FORTIFIED process. Erica is a huge asset to Knockout, we seriously could not operate without her! 

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